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Minister Toni Dowlearn

Toni is a native Texan who can light up a room just by entering it. She’s charming, witty and has a warm generous smile that compliments her easy-going manner. She says she really didn’t know she wanted to be a Minister until she became one.

Toni’s calling was more on a spiritual level than a religious one. As a Non-denominational Minister, she describes what a wonderful feeling of purpose it is to share in the ultimate expression of love between two people – Marriage!

Toni says, “My goal is for each couple to start marriage with beautiful memories of the beginning of their life together!”

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Honorable K.P. Turner, Minister a.k.a. “Buck” Turner

A Judge and a Minister, K.P. has always been compassionate about his role in public service and to the community. As a Judge he administered justice compassionately with equal treatment to all he served. He uses his natural ability and dry sense of humor to put people at ease whether they are appearing before him in a courtroom or in front of an altar.

K.P. enjoys bringing a couple together in Holy Matrimony. But states that his idea of a “Perfect Wedding” doesn’t have anything to do with the size or the location of the wedding. He says, “My idea of a “Perfect Wedding” is when two people who are truly in love and ready to put their hearts and lives together for a lasting future.”

A Mason, K.P. was born in Texas where he raised Longhorn cattle on his “Rio Oso” Ranch in Bandera before moving to San Antonio where he now resides with his wife. Please note, Mr. Turner is ONLY available in San Antonio at this time.

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Minister Charles E. Huff

Charles E. Huff is a minister and son of a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. A Christian since age 11, Charley (as he is usually called) has presided over weddings, funerals, baptisms, and served as a pulpit minister. He should not be confused with your typical stuffy, sanctified “man of the cloth”. Rather he is a down to earth, imperfect, humble, husband, father, friend, and confidant, who combines a mature faith with a sense of humor. Assisting lovers in their final transition of their affection to the level of marriage is his natural high. The emotional liftoff provided by Charley’s words at the altar of marriage touches hearts in a very permanent way.

In his youth, Charley was an Air Force Officer and fighter pilot. As such, he looked down upon the highest of mountain peaks, and flew over the wide expanse of mighty oceans. While he survived in the combat arena, he had many dear friends who did not. He has seen his beloved country streak beneath him at over 1600 miles per hour, and, in the words of John Gillespie Magee, he has “reached out and touched the face of God”. How could anyone who has experienced such deny the role of minister?

His love for children drew him to the classroom where he taught grades 7 through 12. He helped several students in securing appointments to the USAF Academy, the Naval Academy, and West Point. Some of his past students are now General Officers in the military, attorneys at law, physicians, and ministers. His motto became their motto: “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass; life is about learning to dance in the rain.” What better philosophy for the new husband and wife…for better or for worse.

Charley met his beloved wife Rosie at the Church at Oak Hills in San Antonio. They now live in Schertz and can be found in spiritual worship each Sunday at the meeting of Journey Fellowship, under the guidance of Max Lucado. Charley would be an excellent choice for any couple to choose as their wedding officiate. He has been known to tie couples in a double knot!

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