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Our weddings often blend the Traditional with the Contemporary. Our ceremony is Non-denominational and offers for you to personally select special readings, scriptures, songs; include Personal Vows and add other distinctive touches to make your ceremony as special and unique as the two of you!

The Children Ceremony (For couples previously married with children)

We offer The Children Ceremony for couples who have children from a previous marriage. In addition to including them in the ceremony, it acknowledges the significant role they will play in your new marriage. It is a wonderful way for you to express and to reassure them of how loved and important they are.

The Family Ceremony (For couples previously married with children)

The Family Ceremony includes children of all ages from your previous marriage. A wedding is not just the legal binding of two people together; it is also the Spiritual Bonding of two groups of people who will grow into a family. The Children and the Family Ceremony marries a family not just a couple!

Bi-Cultural & Multi-Racial

Some couples have different religious backgrounds or come from different cultures or races and wish to acknowledge them in their ceremony. We will assist you in creating a ceremony that honors and celebrates both of your ethnic heritages, customs and religious beliefs.

Interfaith Ceremony

A ceremony for a couple with two different religions to have one ceremony that does not require for one to convert to or from another religion.

Love Letter Ceremony

A ceremony where the bride and groom write letters to one another describing the reasons they fell in love, the good qualities they find in each other and their reasons for deciding to marry. These letters are sealed in envelopes, placed in a box and saved with a bottle of wine. On the couple’s anniversary, the letters and the wine are opened and shared. Then, new letters are written and sealed, adding new memories and reflection of the couple’s lives together as the years progress.

The Rock Ceremony

A ceremony in which each guest is given a small polished stone upon arriving; the bride and groom have stones as well. A passage is read to the couple about how their love has joined their separate paths in life as one. The rocks that the couples’ friends and family hold represent their attendance at the wedding and their individuality; the couples’ rocks represent their past separate lives, friends, family, and life journey. Next, everyone in attendance takes their stone and makes a wish for the couple’s happiness and goodwill. All of the stones are gathered and combined to symbolically join the bride and groom’s once separate lives.

A Bilingual Ceremony

We offer ceremonies beautifully performed in both English and Spanish for family members and guest who may only understand one language.

All Spanish

A ceremony performed in entirely in Spanish with no English spoken.

Lasso & Coins

A Spanish custom that may be included in the Traditional-Contemporary ceremony. A Lasso is placed upon the Bride and Groom which symbolizes the binding of their lives together. Coins are presented to the Groom after the Exchanging of the Rings which he gives to the Bride and she gives back to the Groom. The Coins represents the couple’s future wealth they will share along with the responsibility of providing and supporting one another as a couple and a family.


A ceremony performed honoring a young Latin American girl into womanhood for her fifteenth birthday that includes a renewal of Baptismal Vows and Communion.

A Civil Ceremony is a non-religious ceremony.

It is the same as the Traditional-Contemporary ceremony but omits the word “God” and the Prayer blessing the marriage.

The Re-Marriage Ceremony (A second ceremony)

For couples who are already married who want a wedding ceremony as though it is for the first time, although it’s not! It’s the ceremony you wish you could have had the first time with family and friends! (Perfect ceremony if you were married and no one knows!)

Renewal of Vows & Anniversaries

A ceremony that celebrates your years married. Reaffirming your wedding vows acknowledges the love you have for one another and recognizes the past, the present and what future means to you today.

The Sand Ceremony

The Bride and Groom each have a different color of sand that symbolizes them as individuals. The pouring of the sand into a vessel represents the uniting them together as one. The Sand Ceremony offers the couple a unique keepsake of their ceremony to display in their home!

Unity Candle Ceremony

Symbolizes the Bride and Groom united together as one and may include their families being united together as one family.

The Memory Candle Ceremony

For those who have had the personal loss of a loved one whom they would like to acknowledge or honor with the lighting of a Memory Candle.

Jumping the Broom

An African American tradition from when slaves were not allowed to marry in this country. At that time in history, couples would jump a broom as a way of uniting themselves in marriage.



A Christian ceremony accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.


During a Baptism ceremony a Child’s birth name is christen and God parents may be assigned.

Dedication of Children to God

During a Baptism ceremony, parents vow to teach Christian values to their child by Dedicating them to God.


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