Should Groom See Your Wedding Gown Before Your Ceremony

Tradition and superstition has long erred on the side of bad luck looming for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding. However, we are living in an era where first look photos have become a fun way to celebrate your union. So, should the groom really see your wedding gown before your wedding?

In my case, I was talked into letting him see the dress the day I bought it -- a good 18 months before our wedding. He was so excited in the initial days of wedding planning that he wanted to see it as I shopped. (For full disclosure, I had not intended to buy my dress the day I did; it just spoke to me). For me, personally, I knew my now-husband and I kept no secrets from each other and I did not really care if he knew ahead of time. To me, it was just one more secret to keep had I not let him see it. Thus far, we have not experienced any superstitious bad luck because of my decision. The dress was still a surprise to our family and friends in attendance at our wedding, so -- to me -- the "Wow" factor was still intact. Then again, if every wedding superstition was honored to a "T" then the bridesmaids would also wear white to confuse the evil spirits. How many brides really want that? I didn't.

Steve at Glitzy Bubbly answered this question to say that it is okay for the groom to see your wedding gown before the wedding ceremony as long as you are not wearing it. Of course, in ancient times, wedding gowns were not sewn or completely ready until the wedding day. Nowadays, this is not likely the case.

There are arguments for and against the groom seeing the wedding gown ahead of time. These include: letting it be a surprise for him, as well as everyone, at the time of your ceremony; his emotions being much more amazing having not seen you in the gown ahead of time, and, the mere fact that he loves you in spite of what you are wearing. Reasons for letting him see the wedding gown before your wedding ceremony include: the ability to reassure each other and soothe any wedding day jitters, so you can truly live in the moment when you walk down the aisle; the aforementioned popularity of first look pictures; and the fact that for color schemes and what not, you may have had a hand in picking his attire, so it is only fair you let him see yours. One couple told that letting each other see their wedding attire before the ceremony eases their nerves and allowed the bride and groom to focus on more important things like remembering their wedding vows. Others have saved their first looks for the ceremony and taken photos with their fathers or mothers as keepsakes.

A lady named Jenny may have said it best: "Whilst old folk law and superstitions are lovely, let's face facts...... as long as you love each other honestly and truly, respect each other always, care for and consider each other every day and ALWAYS stay true and faithful, you will have the most perfect setting for your married lives together... not doing the above is what causes bad luck in a marriage, not whether you have/have not seen the dress. If we are relying on tradition and old sayings then the above old time virtues and vows surely must also play a part :)"

There are obviously many reasons to consider and many different viewpoints on this topic. There are definitely pros and cons either way. Do you plan on letting your groom see your wedding gown before your ceremony? Comment and let us know.

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