Overcoming Ceremony Stress

If there is one common denominator that we have heard over and over in our 30+ years of performing wedding ceremonies, it is that weddings can be stressful to plan. If you are planning your wedding and suffer from an anxiety disorder before beginning to piece together your special day, the stress felt while choosing the simplest elements of your wedding can be that much more overwhelming. Having a consultation with your wedding minister and getting to know your vendors before too much time and money are invested in your big day can help to calm the nerves but it can often be unknown just where, when or how an anxiety attack can or will strike. (I, myself, suffered terribly in trying to throw a wedding for just 24 guests. I can imagine the strain of having to plan for more than that. I feel for you. I really do!)

If meeting with a counseling professional is not in your budget before getting down to the nitty gritty of wedding planning, then a consultation with your wedding minister -- or taking any offered premarital counseling courses available -- can be vital. Having trusted friends and family nearby at arm's length to support you as you plan your wedding ceremony can be a huge help too.

Taking some time for yourself through your wedding planning journey to write in a journal, enjoy a walk, picking one day or evening a week that is totally free and clear of all things technology -- and all things wedding related -- and other forms of meditation -- whether yoga or mindfulness relaxation techniques can help to calm your biggest wedding planning stresses.

Remembering to eat is also vitally important. Not eating can cause your blood sugar levels to drop and in turn, this can zap your energy, leading to excess worry swirling around your head. If your partner is more a wedding go-getter than you may be on any given day, let him or her take charge of anything needing done that day. Your family and/or maid of honor and bridesmaids are likely good point persons to contact for help during these mentally trying days.

It may be a no brainer but abstaining from alcohol use as a coping mechanism is especially important as the brief pick me up has the real potential of increasing stress, depression or illness (think hangover headaches) when you are already feeling poorly.

If you realize that your wedding day is about you and your beloved's new beginning and tune out the well meaning well wishers that might add to your stress by offering advice that may not apply to you or wedding suggestions that don't fit the vision you have in mind for your wedding, your focus will remain on creating the wedding of YOUR dreams, not everyone else's. Planning a wedding is a good way for your beloved and you to practice the art of compromise and work on the communication skills that will serve you well throughout your lives. If you remember that your day will be perfect regardless of how simply or elaborately you choose to plan it and if you forget one small detail or even a major one, it is likely no one will remember many years down the road.

If you do suffer from anxiety prior to your wedding planning and this, in turn, is leaving you with greater wedding planning stress, try to tackle the large projects -- like booking vendors -- early on to get the big stuff out of the way.

It is an exciting time for you and your family but it is important that you take care of yourself too so your ceremony is pleasant and the entire process -- from start to finish -- is stress free.

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